Back Pain and Blue Collar Jobs

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Having low back pain is now prevalent among people in blue collar jobs. A variety of back pain relief options are now available depending on the severity of the pain and the financial capabilities of people seeking the treatment.
Muscle Relaxant

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Low back pain is one of the oldest occupational health problems in history and one of the most common causes of work-related complaints among adults. Approximately 15 million people visit the doctors each year because of lower back pain. It is estimated that a total of $25 billion is spent every year to treat this form of body ache. For this reason, the back pain relief and muscle relaxant industries are growing by leaps and bounds.
Low back pain is a muscular and skeletal ailment that afflicts millions of people around the world. People with blue-collar jobs or those who are required to do heavy manual work are more prone to lumbar aches. No wonder, construction workers are often diagnosed with low back pain. If left untreated, this ailment can result to absenteeism and decreased productivity. Worse, it could even be the cause of more serious health problems.
To determine the severity of low back pain, you may use the following parameters to see how “bad” your back is:
l Acute Low back pain last less than 6 weeks
l Sub-Acute Low back pain between 6 and 12 weeks
l Chronic Low back pain persists for more than 12 weeks
The good news is that there are a variety of treatments for back pain. One of the easiest ways to ease the aches is to use a muscle relaxant. Back pain relief is as easy as popping a pill. However, it is important to get your doctor’s advice since medications for back pain are often doctor-prescribed and cannot be bought over the counter.
These are other helpful tips, procedures and strategies on back pain relief that you may want to consider:
l Apply a cold pack to the painful area for 5-10 minutes at time
l Use an heating pad on the painful area if the pain is still there within a few days
l Protect your back. Avoid sudden turning or bending. Go on with your usual activities and try to
avoid bed rest
l Get expert professional treatments
l Nonprescription Pain Medications
l Spinal Manipulation
l Get a massage
l Try acupuncture
l Traction treatments
l Biofeedback
l Back Belts and Corsets
l Injections into the back
Certainly, back pain relief goes beyond office furniture and medication. The cause of back pain can also be stress at work, family problems, and other distressing situations that may not necessarily due to work or physical exertion. The build-up of everyday stress can make your muscles tighten up and contribute to the slow but painful tension of the back or lumbar muscles. Self-hypnosis, meditation and guided imagery are also being promoted as tools or techniques to reduce the discomforts association with lumbar ailments. Back pain relief options can be expensive, depending on the specific technique prescribed by the therapist.
But surely, regardless of the severity or degree of back pain, it is always best to consult a doctor or healthcare professional. The back pain may be a symptom of other illnesses or health problems.