Back Extensions Exercise

John Gibb
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If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your lower back, back extensions may be the exercise for you. If you’ve recently injured your back you’ll want to consult your physician before attempting such an exercise. If you find this exercise is a bit too challenging for you at first, you can start out in an incline positioned until you are more comfortable with the exercise. Or, if you find this exercise too easy for you, you can do it in a declined position or use platted weights in front of the chest or behind the neck.
For this exercise you will either need a back extension machine, or a bench that allows you to securely position your feet so that the rest of your body won’t move during the exercise. You will be lying on your front side and everything about an inch below your hips should be on the bench or back extension machine.
From this position fold your arms across your chest. Now, begin the movement by bending at the waist. You should continue this movement until you feel you’ve reached the full motion of your range. This will be different for everyone, so it’s up to you to determine. From here, raise your body back up slowly and hold your body at this position for a second. Repeat this movement to meet your specifications.