Adult ADHD Symptoms: Is This You?

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A bit like the elephant on the dinner table that families don’t talk about, adult ADHD is something that people often know is there but don’t necessarily talk about.
But at some point they say “Okay, this exists. This is a problem. I don’t know if this has been a problem that has been genetic, or what, but what I do want to know is the answers to some of these questions about why I’m struggling with these ADHD symptoms.”
Recently, ADHD Secrets did a worldwide survey in which they asked 30,000 people who have ADHD symptoms or think they have adult ADHD, what their ADHD symptoms are and what kinds of problems this causes in their lives, both at home and at work.
One respondent wrote in that because of adult ADHD, it had taken him literally over an hour to write an email that was one sentence long.
Can you imagine?
One hour to write one sentence, just because his ADHD symptoms made him unable to deflect daily distractions.
But if you or someone you know has adult ADHD symptoms, you probably have a similar story yourself–reasons why you didn’t complete that paper for school, for example, or can’t get your bills paid on time…
But is it really adult ADHD that is causing your problems?
I’m not going to tell anyone that they have adult ADHD. I have absolutely no interest in doing that…
I have had ADHD symptoms since I was born. So, on top of my experience helping people with my Hyperfocus program, what makes me qualified is I know adult ADHD from the inside.
I’ve had ADHD symptoms all my life, I have what for convenience I will call adult ADHD–whether or not I believe it is a “disorder” or a natural brain state category or what. What I am interested in is helping people overcome their adult ADHD symptoms and go on to be confident, fully successful and functional adults.
If you have a problem with focus, if you procrastinate, if you find yourself getting distracted, then you’re exhibiting some of these adult ADHD symptoms and that’s exactly what the techniques I have developed are designed to overcome…
But at the moment, maybe you are thinking, OK, so if I do have ADHD symptoms, or think I really have full-blown adult ADHD, what is something I can do about my ADHD symptoms right away, today, not tomorrow, but immediately?
Well… I am going to give you a quick way to get started changing things today, actually USING your ADHD symptoms. Here we go…
The number one thing if you are saying “Do I have adult ADHD? Don’t I have adult ADHD?” Throw that out the window. Technique number one is to say, “What are my strengths? What am I really, really good at?” Write that down on a piece of paper. ok…
Here is the second question you are going to write down: “What are my weaknesses?”
Here’s the trick. This is where adult ADHD symptoms which some people might be embarrassed or ashamed of become your single biggest asset.
Let me explain.
Look at the difference between someone who is “easily distractible” and someone who is extraordinarily good at “multi-tasking.”
What’s the difference?
One’s a skill, one’s a disability, but it’s the same skill set. Think: what skill sets have you developed already, because of your ADHD symptoms?
You can transform those ADHD symptoms into your own ability to accomplish whatever it is you wish to accomplish, whether it’s financial freedom, getting straight A’s in school, maintaining a relationship, holding a job, whatever it is…
People with adult ADHD often have amazing drive to succeed. And once they learn how to make their ADHD Symptoms into strengths, they are unstoppable!
Once you realize that your ADHD symptoms can be your advantage, you have made the most important decision right there: to stop seeing yourself as a victim of adult ADHD symptoms, and see yourself as a person with amazing potential for success in anything you do. All you have to do is reach out and grasp this knowledge, and you’ve taken the first step, you’re on your way.