Adult ADHD Entrepreneurs: Sneaky Little Killers

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Being an entrepreneur and having adult ADHD symptoms means one thing: you’ve got to be ten times more vigilant about not getting distracted…
Because the challenge with working on your own–especially if you have adult ADHD symptoms–is overcoming distractions. It’s the little stuff, those sneaky little killers, that will destroy you!
What do I mean by “sneaky little killers?”
Let’s say you’re working on one project for the day. Let’s say your project is a simple project like putting up a webpage, just as an example. How can you get something like that done without getting distracted?
When you have to:
feed the dog,
do the dishes,
go to the post office,
answer your messages,
file some paperwork,
get some lunch,
dryclean your suit…
If you have adult ADHD symptoms, you know how deadly these things can be.
And if you have adult ADHD and you’re an entrepreneur, like me, it’s these sneaky little things that will prevent you from ever getting to your really important work, ever achieving the Big Picture…
Either that, or you:
forget to eat,
don’t answer your messages,
throw your paperwork away…
Sound familiar? If you have adult ADHD symptoms, it will! What can you do?
There is a simple technique that’s worked for both myself and my clients like a charm, and you can make it work for you. Especially if you have adult ADHD symptoms, this can be absolutely essential.
It’s called outsourcing, and you can do this at home or at work (if home is work, so much the better).
How? Here’s two examples that anyone, even with severe adult ADHD symptoms can use, both at home and work:
Technique #1: Outsourcing at Home:
“Outsource the Dishes.”
Actually, this applies to any housework including cooking that you don’t have to do yourself. By the way, outsourcing can mean to other people in your family, too. That’s okay. You have to do things a little differently if you have adult ADHD symptoms. Outsourcing means paying someone else to do the things that get you distracted.
Maybe you’re talking about your kids. You say, “Hey, how much would I need to pay you a week in order to take care of the dishes every night?” Or, walk the dog, go to the post office, etc.
These are things you can also ask a partner or roommate to do, too. Think about what your time is really worth, then imagine what you could get done if you didn’t have to think about these sneaky little killers anymore. Be creative about it! Who can help you, and benefit as well?
Technique #2: Outsourcing at Work:
“Outsource the Paperwork.”
I’ll give you an example for this one. My friend is building a home, and that means getting new mortgages, filling out applications, getting all the necessary information to go on a loan application of multiple pages. It takes time and it’s a huge distraction. So, he paid his bookkeeper to do it and really, it has changed his life.
Is that really his bookkeeper’s job? Is that what he hired his bookkeeper originally to do? No, its not. But he found someone who would happily deal with the paperwork. This is a good example of being creative (which is actually a very common trait in people with adult ADHD symptoms).
–So there are two concrete ways entrepreneurs with adult ADHD can make their lives less cluttered and distracting.
Even if you don’t have ADHD symptoms, this is very helpful; but I’ve found for those dealing with adult ADHD it’s an absolute lifesaver.
But, what if you can’t pay for outsourcing?
What if you’re an entrepreneur with adult ADHD symptoms but you don’t have a lot of finances to pour into this technique? Not everyone has the immediate resources to pay to get things outsourced, but you still have to contend with your ADHD symptoms…
What happens then?
It is very possible for people with adult ADHD to do outsourcing without a penny, and in fact it’s one of my favorite ways to do it. My article “Adult ADHD Entrepreneurs: 3 Magic Outsourcing Tips” talks about this in detail and you can find it through my resource box below.